We LOVE the Sweet Story of Tarté Yogurt


As soon as I heard the story of Tarte’ I had to try it for myself. It is amazing smooth texture and sweet taste is a perfect treat! Please look for it in the dairy section of your favorite grocery story. You will thank me later.

Bringing the Asian Yogurt recipe to the US was no easy feat. Nancy Pham, mother of co-creators Winston and Henry Lee, left Vietnam in 1975 after the war. Like many, she escaped in a crowded fishing boat, which ran out of fuel and was lost at sea for four days, without food or water. Luckily, the boat drifted into a commercial shipping lane and a large German ship spotted it and towed the passengers to Hong Kong. Nancy raised her sons mostly as a single mom and on a tight budget, but her Vietnamese yogurt was a treat she took the time to make. She always willed Winston and Henry to stick to stable and predictable lives, knowing hardship firsthand, but what she really taught them was that they are survivors and are capable of doing anything.

Tarté Asian Yogurt was founded in 2010 by brothers Winston and Henry Lee who set out with the goal of creating a healthier and better tasting alternative to both Traditional and Greek yogurts. Tarté is an all-natural French-Vietnamese fusion yogurt that is nutrient-smart, lusciously smooth and creamy, and subtly sweet and tangy. The uniqueness of its style and taste is the result of Tarté’s slow and gentle cooking process, which caramelizes the natural sugars found in milk, while retaining key nutrients by not straining.  Each delicious batch is made simply with locally sourced rBST/rBGH free milk, fresh from California family farms, and flavored with premium exotic fruits.  Tarté Asian Yogurt flavors include:

  • The Original
  • Strawberry & Guanabana
  • Acai & Blueberry –
  • Mango & Coconut
  • Green Tea & Honey

Tarte Asian Yogurt highlights include:

  • 100% Natural, Nothing Artificial
  • Only 110 calories
  • 2x the protein of traditional yogurt
  • 2x the calcium of the leading Greek yogurt
  • 50% less sugar than the leading traditional yogurt brands


6 Things Job Searchers Should Do After a Great Interview

If you’ve just rocked a job interview, you might be tempted to sit back, relax, and wait to hear, “You’re hired!” But Peter K. Studner reminds you that a lot can happen between an outstanding interview and a job offer. Here, he shares six things job searchers should do to further their campaigns after interviewing.

Don’t assume you’ve crossed the finish line. This bears repeating: Smart candidates will keep their campaigns moving full steam ahead while waiting for a job offer. Stop-and-go searches are depressing and create enormous amounts of needless stress each time you have to restart your campaign.

“Keep networking and courting other employers,” Studner advises. “Try to actively cultivate as many job possibilities as you can. Ideally, you want to have a few offers come in at the same time so that you have a choice of the best position for your career.

“Oh, and one more thing: Keep your eyes peeled for opportunities to help others,” he adds. “For every 12 to 16 networking encounters, candidates usually hear about at least one job opportunity. While you might not be a good fit for each of these opportunities, chances are you know someone else who is! Fellow job seekers will appreciate the lead, and in turn, they’ll start looking for opportunities for you.”

Assess your interview. While your great interview is still fresh in your mind, review it with an honest eye. Consider (and write down for future reference) what went well and what you’d like to improve on in the future, if necessary. This might be as general as cultivating more confident body language, or as specific as tweaking your approach to a certain question.

“There is no such thing as a perfect interview,” Studner comments. “Treat each one as a learning opportunity. Hopefully you’ll receive an offer and won’t have to use your notes, but it’s always best to actively engage in improving your skills.”

Keep your references informed. If you have given the company references, be sure to inform those people that you’ve completed a promising interview and that they might get a call. If possible, discuss the position with each reference and point out which of your skills and accomplishments you’d like them to emphasize to the employer.

“I suggest sending your references a copy of your résumé with your most pertinent accomplishments highlighted,” Studner says. “Ask each reference to let you know if they get a call and how it went.”

Say thank you. Of course you should send a short message to each person you met at the company, thanking them for their time and consideration. It’s becoming increasingly acceptable to do this via email, but Studner reminds that sending a hard copy never goes amiss.

“In addition to expressing your appreciation, you might include a follow-up thought based on a particular interview question,” he suggests. “And be sure to state that you look forward to the next step in the process.”

Look for opportunities with competitors. When you interview with one company, it’s worth your time to research and approach its competitors in case they, too, have job openings. Google “competitors + [name of the company].” Then, depending on your requirements, you might approach one or all of the results.

If you don’t see a similar job opening listed on the competitor’s website, prepare a neat cover letter addressed to the person in that company who would be interested in your accomplishments. For example, if you are a quality control associate, address your letter to the vice president of quality, or operations, or production, or manufacturing. Call the company and ask for a specific name and contact information, stating that you want to write that person a letter. Or better yet, find someone within the company you can network with using your LinkedIn contacts.

“Your letter should not ask for a job, but should tell the reader about your key accomplishments and inform him or her of your availability,” Studner instructs. “After all, since the company with which you originally interviewed hasn’t made you an offer or promised you a job, you are still a free agent.” (Super Job Search IV contains detailed instructions on how to write this type of letter, as well examples.)

Get the most bang for your travel buck. If you are traveling out of town for an interview, plan to visit with other companies on this trip. In advance, call their human resources departments to ask if you can drop by and talk with one of their internal recruiters. If some or all of your travel expenses are covered by the company with which you’ll be interviewing and you are asked why you’d like to stay in the area longer, do not discuss your plans to visit other organizations. Merely say you wanted to see more of the area or to visit with a few friends or relatives.

“To make the most of your time away, I also recommend that you locate some of the leading recruiters in the area and arrange to meet with them,” Studner adds. “Call in advance, indicating that you will be in their town on business and would love to stop by. Do not name the company with which you will be meeting, as the recruiter may very well work closely with your prospective employer. Keep it confidential.”

          “The biggest mistake most job seekers make after a successful interview is simply doing nothing,” Studner concludes. “Remember, the more you network, apply, and interview, the closer you will be to getting that ideal job. Don’t stop until you’ve crossed the finish line!”

          For more on networking, interviewing, résumés, letter writing, and job search strategies, consult Super Job Search IV.

About the Author: 

Peter K. Studner is the author of Super Job Search IV. He is a master career counselor and former chief executive and board member of companies in the United States, France, and Great Britain. He has helped thousands of people with their career transitions and trains other career professionals to deliver this easy-to-follow program.

MONEY MONDAYS: Financial Mistakes You Can Make Right Now!

Failed financial decisions are bound to happen while on the path to financial recovery, but it is critically important to avoid financial mistakes you will later regret. There are tons of financial pitfalls out there. Here are some common ones and with some awareness, planning, and discipline these costly mistakes can be avoided in a time when no one can afford to lose.

  • SELLING YOUR STOCKS: Keep in mind that stocks require an investment time horizon of at least five years allowing time to ride out the roller coaster  market stretches. Selling your stocks in these times in fear of   losing capital is not a wise decision. Interest rates are at all time lows and you could miss out on sizable market gains. It is advisable to hang in there with your investment strategy and allow time for the stocks to run up for your gain.
  • WIPING OUT YOUR RETIREMENT ACCOUNTS: Don’t use the poor economy to deplete your 401k retirement funds. In time of hardships, if necessary this provision is available. If you are switching employers rollover your funds to your next employer or an IRA.  After seeking advise from your tax advisor funds can also be used to  pay off some debts. Don’t blow your portfolio with short-term thinking.
  • DUMB DECISIONS THAT WILL IMPACT YOUR CREDIT:  Credit means more than ever before. Creditors have tighten up there lending practices, making it more difficult to obtain the loan/credit you seek. In addition, employers have jumped on board by implementing credit pre-screening to obtain employment. Avoid co-signing on loans, missing your existing credit payments, closing accounts, and any other activities that can adversely impact your score. Check out www.emgtoday.com/buildgrowandenjoy (a great source for credit education.)
  • DON’T CHASE THE HOT TRENDS: Don’t be tempted into the latest trend of an investment bubble. Sticking to a planned diversified portfolio can save you losses later down the road.

MONEY MONDAYS: The Medically Uninsured Way 2 Save

There are more than 50 million Americans lacking health care coverage. Health insurance help consumers bear the financial burden of rising health care costs. In today’s economy people are going through hard burdening times and proper health care must be maintained to stay healthy, even saving a life. Here are ways to find help if you are uninsured or underinsured.

1. Free Clinics: Contact your local health department and ask for free clinics in your area. You can also search online using the search term free clinics for in your area.These clinics are often staffed by local doctors who volunteer their time to treat the uninsured at no cost.

2. Low-cost care: Many low-cost pharmacies like CVS and Walgreens offer services for minor health issues like strep throat, pink eye, common vaccines, physicals, and blood pressure screenings. Most are walk-in clinics and have extended hours.

3. For the Kiddos: Most states sponsor low-cost or free health insurance for children, and a few will cover their parents for an additional fee. For more information, visit Insure Kids Now! A government-run Web site.

4. Charity Care: Many hospitals offer charity care programs for the uninsured to help them manage the medical debts they incur. Unfortunately, many uninsured individuals are not aware that they qualify for charity care because hospitals don’t advertise these programs. Contact the billing department for the doctor or hospital that provided your care to find out more about the program and how to qualify.

5. Negotiate your bill: Uninsured individuals typically pay a higher price for health care than insurance companies do. Insurance companies negotiate lower balances with doctors and hospitals to keep costs low. Uninsured individuals, who are unaware that negotiating medical debts is an option, pay a much higher price for health care.

6. Set up a payment plan: Ask the health care provider if you can set up a payment plan. With this option, you can pay the medical debt in installments until completely paid off. Health care providers understand the high cost of medical treatment and that many can’t afford cost. So many are very willing to compromise by accepting payments over time.

7. Prescriptions: Some companies market drug discount cards that might entitle you to small breaks on prescription prices.Two sites to check: NeedyMeds and the Partnership for Prescription Assistance. Also, ask your doctor for free samples of any drugs prescribed. Most physicians have closets full of them.

8. Vision: Lions Club International is famous for its charity eye-care campaigns, which provide free screenings and recycled glasses. Another note, The American Optometric Association may be able to assist you with a volunteer doctor of optometry for a free exam.

9. Dental: Considering a dental school for treatment can provide an inexpensive way for your dental care. To find the one nearest you, visit the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research.

10. Birth control and reproductive care: Contacting your nearest Planned Parenthood Federation of America can provide you with free and low-cost help for men and women.

 There are many resouces out there, varing by community. Spending a short amount of time researching programs available to you can save you hundreds, even thousands of dollars. While still allowing you to get the medical care you need.

MONEY MONDAYS: Fall Fashion Savings

The fall season is approaching and with that it is time to store up those daisy dukes and flip flops… for most of us. Contributed by my fashion tip “Working Diva” Janine Parchment are great fall shopping tips that will help lighten your pocketbook!


  • Off-chain retailers is a great place to start when seeking quality brand- name deals at incredibly low prices. Places like these would be your local Ross Stores, Marshalls, Nordstrom Rack, Loehmann’s, OFF 5th (Saks Fifth Ave), and yes ladies Target!
  • Clearance! Clearance! Clearance! The summer clothing season has ended, but there are so many different summer pieces that can be converted into fall items by Jazzin them up a little!  Get creative and save yourself some dollars. This also gives you the option to create a style of your own!…. Turn some heads by adding some boots or leggings to  some shorts, skirt, or a dress. Throwing on a scarf or a sweater to a cute summer tee or tank can POP into style!
  • Spice up your wardrobe with a well forgotten money saving source..CONSIGNMENT SHOPS..great place to find vintage “No one else has it” items.
  • Act fast and catch great deals with one of the Hottest Trends ..Groupon. Don’t forget to use your coupons. Coupon apps can save you an additional 5%-30% on retail items and don’t worry about cutting or printing these babies …you DIVAS  can scan the coupon directly from your smartphone at the register while on the GO. Check out Geo Qpons and The coupon app!
  • Signing up for private sale websites like Imporia.com, Gilt.com, or Ebates.com as well as renting the top couture for that special event with bagborroworsteal.com and renttherunway.com are other great ways to save!
Style is not about who is wearing the best. It is about how you put it together while not putting a financial load on your bank account with the right attitude to pull it off!

Bliss Break: Working Divas Cruise 2012

Ms. Do It All…are you caught up in getting everything done for

everyone but yourself? From returning texts on your blackberry to organizing your child’s backpack…need a “Bliss break” from it all? Of course you do!

Join us for the Working Divas Cruise 2012! A weekend cruise leaving from Hot Miami headed to the Bahamas (Friday, March 2, 2012 – Monday, March 5, 2012) for three days of girlfriends fun on the Norwegian Sky! Enjoy their freestyle dinning. Eat when you want and where you want with 10 dinning options. There are 11 Bars and Lounges, an  on-board spa and a casino that has all of your favorite games and slots.

The Working Divas Cruise has everything you need to kick it with your best girlfriends or indulge in Me Time! Fellas….feel free to represent with us! View the pictures below to see the beautiful Norwegian Sky.

Working Divas’ Events:
Working Divas’ Cocktails and Connections Meet and Greet
Zumba on the Beach – Fitness Enthusiast Sis Spoon
Build Grow & Enjoy Finance Workshop – Finance Guru Colethea Jenkins
Balance Your LifeWork/Life Balance Coach Karen Vaughn

Relax in the Jacuzzi over looking the Caribbean sky.
Exhale by the outdoor pool.
Kickback on deck with a martini and live music.
Rejuvenate at the Body Waves Spa.
Laugh all night at the Second City Comedy Show.
Enjoy the tranquil beaches and fun excursion on Norwegian’s private island Great Stirrup Cay.
Go Shopping and taking in the lovely Bahamas.

We have our Ambassador of Bliss, Ms. Darlene Hall. She will personally book your cruise and answer any questions you may have regarding your girlfriends getaway. What’s really cool is Darlene will be traveling with us! Talk about personalization and customer service. We are all over it!

Book your cruise now:
Quality and Distinction Travel
Darlene: 216-849-5924

Cruise starting at 356.23 per person (double occupancy)

Payment Plan:
Oct. 1st. $50.00 per person or $100.00 to hold the cabin
Nov. 1st. $150.00 per person
Dec. 1st. $150.00 per person
Jan. 1st Balance due in full

MONEY MONDAYS: 10 Great Tips To Starting Your Own Business

President Obama has announced his plan to recover our nationwide jobless epidemic. This can not be done alone by just our president. It is time we create our own opportunities and take back what has been lost. Back to the Basics. In support of President Obama and his plan to create jobs. Here are some great tips with my endorsement from a very successful “Working Diva” on starting your own business!


1. Have a business plan – This is a must and will make or break you.

2. Decide what you want to do and create a 3 year projection plan.

3. Attend business training- Educate yourselves about being a business owner..lots of free training out there..some of Isabel suggestion ..SBA (Small Business   Administration), and Score.

4. Choose your business location- Location is key, know your competition and the location(s) of the consumer traffic

5. How will you fund your business? Self funding, loans, investors..etc..

6. Determine what your legal entity will be. ie..LLC, Corporation, Sole Prop, Partnership

7. Register your business name. Own your name and/or your branding.

8. Obtain your EIN (Employer Identification Number) for your business taxes. This is free and can be applied for at Irs.gov.

9. Obtain all your necessary licenses and permits

10. Know your employer responsibility and role. Staffing, business operation..etc..


Thank You Isabel Salazar owner of Isa-Beles Boutique for creating the opportunity! You are FIERCE, FOCUSED, and FABULOUS!

#FlyGyrlFitness: Zumba For All

The newest craze in fitness is the international music amd dance inspired fitness class known as Zumba.  Now, if you have a fitness routine that you just love, a workout you look forward to and utilize consistently, then you may not need Zumba.  But, for the rest of us, who dread gym time, lack enthusiasm around workouts of any sort, and overall just aren’t as motivated as we should or could be, Zumba is a life saver.  This method of fitness class is for every one; from all walks of life, any age, any size, any level of fitness or rather unfit…ness.

My first Zumba experience was several years ago.  I was desperate to have an enjoyable workout.  I’d tried just about every standard class oriented fitness offering a gym could have.  Nothing was a perfect fit.  So, I figured why not go jump around for 30 minutes or so, in hopes of dropping a few pounds.   Boy was I pleasantly suprised to enter a Zumba class full of people who, like me were over the fitness hype and hoping for something, anything to help solve the weight problem.

The rythm of the music was the first indication i’d entered the right room.  I was inspired to wiggle it just a little bit.  then came the instructor…colorful, loud, and a little off center.  Just what the dr. ordered, some one who wanted to have fun and not take this whole fitness thing too seriously.  Next comes the speil…yet another suprise, zumba is not about



Just know that when you go into the wold of Zumba you should leave your fears, shame and inhibitions in the car.  Zumba is a mind freeing voyage into various cultures through the passport of music.  No two Zumba classes are created equal, so you may have to go through a few instructors to get that just right fit and feel.  But rest assured, at the end of the day, if you want something new, fun, and differnt, that will open your eyes to cultures and worlds you’d never really considered past an episode of Dancing With the Stars, Zumba is for you.

MONEY MONDAYS: The Right Life Insurance

Many people think that they have no need for individual life insurance, due to they’re group policy coverage at the workplace.  What most don’t know is a group policy is just not enough coverage. 1. – a group policy is not enough to cover financial obligations, 2.- most group life plans end when the employee leave the company and in these times more and more companies are dropping their group plans as a way to save on company profits.  So what are your options to protect you and your family’s future, being comforted in a difficult time??


An insurance agent can help you determine what life insurance policy is right for you and coverage amounts. Here is a rundown of the main types of individual life insurance plans.



Term life insurance  is temporary insurance that covers you for a set period of time. If you die during that period, your beneficiaries recieve the death benefit you have established in the policy. The is the lowest cost type of insurance available. This is great for those looking for a low cost coverage for a temporary expense for a specific time, such as  the length of a home mortgage or until the family’s last child graduates from school. This helps insure that the family will be able to stay in their home at their current standard of living and that the child’s education expenses are covered.



Whole life insurance is permanent life insurance that covers the entire span of your life. Premiums are set at an amount agreed in return for a death benefit. This type of  policy is great for those  that like  fixed payments and a fixed death benefit. Cash Accumulation accounts are an option with this policy.



Universal life is also a permanent life insurance policy that covers you for a lifetime, but also gives the added benefit of a portion of your payments fund an interest-bearing account that accumulates cash over the life of the policy (the growth of the cash value is tax-deferred under the federal income tax law). This is great for those who need a life insurance policy that will last a lifetime with the value of flexibilty. This type of policy can be used to replace the insured’s income stream or estate taxes.




First Lady Michelle Obama Covers Essence “Power” Issue

Michelle Obama / Essence Magazine

It’s been almost three years since her husband was elected President. Since then, First lady Michelle Obama has been leading the way supporting military families, promoting her fitness campaign, “Let’s Move” and captivating the world with her sense of style.

In Essence, our First Lady shares how she celebrates “me” time, raising her daughters Malia and Sasha, and surrounding herself with supportive women. Look for the issue on newsstands September 12th.

On finding balance and teaching it to her daughters:
“If we don’t have the energy, we can’t pass it on. I learned it from watching my own mother (Marian Robinson) not invest in herself, for example. She’s starting to do that. But she came from the tradition of family first. She wouldn’t even go to the hairdresser on a regular basis. I want to show my girls that it is perfectly fine to invest in yourself and to start to do it early, embrace it and not feel guilty about the time we put into ourselves.”

On how she spends”me” time:
“You’ve got to force yourself to take time for yourself, period. As women, we have to put ourselves higher on our own priority lists. That means, for me… taking that time to rejuvenate; taking the time every day to exercise; taking the time to go out for dinner with a girlfriend.”

On needing her best girlfriends:
Women energize me. My husband is terrific. He is my true partner. Spending time with him is key…. But it’s also important for us as women to find each other. And there’s that natural re-energizing that happens when women get together. We kind of hold each other up.”

On her inclination to hug people, especially children:
“They’re nervous, and sometimes the best way to break that is just to give them a hug, because that’s ultimately what we all can relate to and we can all connect to, regardless of our race, our gender, our ethnicity, our geographic location.”