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Disney’s Princess Tiana makes her Debut

Karen and Princess Tiana This is a BIG DEAL! Princess Tiana made her royal debut last Monday at Disney’s Magic Kingdom. This is huge for me because as a woman of color it is so amazing to see Disney’ first African-American princess make her entrance into the world.

Yes, I’ve admired Snow White and Cinderella growing up, but now little girls of color have a princess in their own image and I think it is a beautiful thing. So beautiful that when my husband pointed her out to me across the walkway I hurried (in awe) to stand in line to take a picture with her like I was a little princess.

For the last two years, every time I visit Disney I’ve looked for Princess Tiana’s existence. From the princess shops to the gift shop at my hotel, I’ve watched her come about slowly, anticipating the items I would pick up for…well…myself. As women, we all have a little princess that lives within us and now I have a few Princess Tiana collectibles to remind me.

Disney’s “The Princess and the Frog” hits theaters nationwide December 11th. Will you be there? I know I will!

Money Mondays: Get Your Haggle On

While we may know how to make a kick-butt meal from leftovers….or put together a fashion forward outfit shopping in our closets, we as women lack when it comes to haggling the best price. You are not working over the salesman, you are working to keep more of your money in your pocket. So, let’s make a deal and master the art of haggling together!
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Little Tikes: 5 Ways to Help your Child LOVE Math

childrencancountnumbersGrowing up…just the thought of a Math problem would make me cringe. As time went by (like decades) I learned to love math.

Get your child on right track with Math now by playing fun games that make them think. They will never know they are learning. (Put another point on the parent score card). Plus, this is a great way to bond with your little one. Happy learning!

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Money Monday: 10 Tips for Women from the Dollar Diva

womanbillsWorking Divas…Keep your money in check!

Be inspired to monitor your money from the time it hits your account until you can retire with a sound financial portfolio. Dorothy Rosen, The Money Diva, has created this must have list for women to set foot on the right path for financial freedom.I have this list posted in my home office for motivation.Time is of the essence and time is money!

Let’s do this ladies!

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Feel Good: Put Yourself First…You’re Worth it!


I was driving home one evening with my radio cranked, when a song I’ve played on my radio show for years consumed me. It struck a nerve like Chicken Little dodging elimination on American Idol.

As I was singing along to Jaheim’s “Put that Woman First,” (hey what women doesn’t want to sing at the top of her lungs…you better put that women first!) I had to ponder on the thought, when was the last time I did something for myself? Hummm… for a few hours on my birthday, about 10 minutes last night during my shower, right now during my ride home. Through my quick analysis, I discovered I had not put myself first in a long time. Continue reading Feel Good: Put Yourself First…You’re Worth it!

Little Tikes: 5 Autumn Adventures for You and Baby


Fall is my favorite season. I love watching the trees transform into a kaleidoscope of oranges, browns and reds. It’s the best time to be outdoors. The world is full of vibrate colors and the joy of the returning holiday season makes me happy. My son is at the age where he is discovering the seasons. Everyday he asks me in his curious voice, “Mommy, is it still Fall today? Mommy what is Fall?

This makes me remember out first trip back home to Connecticut in October of 2006. He was walking and would touch and feel EVERYTHING. One Sunday we were involved in a benefit walk, (gotta do a little good in the neighborhood that brought you up) I was overjoyed because it was at my favorite park as a kid; Edgerton Park in New Haven, CT. This park did not have a swing set, slide or monkey bars. The fun was in the beauty. Its surrounded by a turn of the century (19th that is) elegant eight-foot stone wall complete with a greenhouse and Mansion. The walking paths are peppered around the enormous oak trees that remind you of the classic childhood story Hansel and Gretal.  There is even a bridge that is now nestled behind an overgrown forest. We use to walk across it when I was younger, but you can’t now. My all time fave, one huge hill I use to run up and down all day long as my parents watched sitting on a picnic blanket observing the view. (and their daughter getting so tired she would knock out in the back of the car and stay sleep most of the afternoon…I get it now!)

Walking into Edgerton Park with my son felt nostalgic. The first think he did was look at the colorful leaves on the ground and started throwing them all over. My mom and I looked in delight. It was his first Fall.

We may not have an Edgerton Park here in Florida but their is so much to do with our little ones during this season of visual change. Pull out the stroller and discover the world around you.

  • Run a few errands and let your little one help you if they are old enough.  Pick up Thanksgiving decorations and the fixings for your holiday fest. Start a tradition they will long love. Plus, they love sitting in the car and looking out the window. Fall is the perfect time to gaze.
  • Collect leaves. Rake a pile of leaves and have fun running and jumping into them for a while with your child. It will give you and your child a boost! After play time, collect your favorites and pull out the construction paper and let your little one create a collage. Also, teach them the different colors in each leaf…they will never know they are learning!
  • Introduce the neighborhood. Take a stroll in your neighborhood and talk about the trees, colors, and buildings that make up your community. This will give your little one a sense of their surroundings. And you will get some much needed exercise.
  • Go window shopping at the mall. Let baby and you be dazzled by the hustle and bustle of the lighting and people moving about as they shop. Take in the energy of the holidays. Moms, give yourself some Me Time and stop for a few minutes at the coffee shop. Latte anyone?
  • Go to story time at a local book store. You baby/toddler/child will love it. Also pick up a few books on the season of fall and Thanksgiving to enjoy at home  on your front porch or patio during a warm morning paired with hot chocolate.

What are your Autumn Adventures?

Work It Wednesday: Balancing Your Job and Your Man

womenworkingbedYou’re about to leave work and meet your bo for some quality time, but you’re called into a meeting. This occurrence can cause havoc on your relationship. When your significant other begins to drop hints that he is feeling neglected you know its serious. Hey, your career is important to you and so is your man. How to do work it at work and still keep your man happy? That’s the million dollar question that is answered by career expert Nicole Williams.

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Upgrade your Career Swag at the Girl on Top Book Event

Girl On Top

I just received my copy of, “Girl on Top” by Nicole Williams and its full of top-notch career advice using relationship tactics in the workplace. Working Divas™, really work it at work with the simple tools Nicole has provide.

It is the career blueprint for today’s modern woman. Next Friday, Nicole will be in Miami to dish out her workforce tips and tricks in person at the LimitedDadeland from 6pm-9pm. But you must RSVP! Here is the rundown…see you there. (Feel Free to Forward)

Click on the RSVP, fill out the on-line e-vite and type “Working Divas” by “How did you hear of GOT”, and you are ready to go!


The event of the season wrapped around Nicole Williams’ new book, “Girl On Top: Your guide to turning Dating Rules into Career Success.

October 23, 2009

The Limited Dadeland
7535 Kendall Drive
Miami, FL 33156

Because no one does their best work on the bottom. And if that’s not enough, how ‘bout:
A filled to-the-brim gift ball (full of stuff you’ll actually use)
An exclusive 40% discount on The Limited’s brand new business-chic attire (come on, you know you love a good mall)
Free-flowing Girl On Top Cocktails (because if all else fails, at least you’ll leave a little tipsy)
Career advice from Nicole Williams (hey, people pay big bucks for her words of wisdom)