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Financial Planning Tips for Women

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More recent in these times women are taking a more active role in their family’s finances and many feel that they are not as well verse in these matters as they would like to be.

Here are some steps that women could take in helping to secure their financial future.

1. Educate and understand how money works (Assets and Liabilities)

2. Line up your money with your overall financial goals (Get started by consulting with a Financial Planner)

3. Raise your saving to 10%-15% of your pay if you can, 20% would be best! (That money will build over time compounded, amazing you what a nest egg you have at the end of your career)

4. Take advantage and contribute to your 401k if your employer offers one. (Taking advantage of any kind of matched contribution your employer offers “Free Money”)

5. Diversify your stock portfolio. (This could help offset inflation and the value of your dollar earned over time)

Studies show that women are not necessarily bad with money, often women had different goals because of their role in the household and now those same skills can be applied to their long-term financial decisions, according to money experts.

Build Grow and Enjoy with host Colethea Jenkins – Promoting Financial Literacy through Education and Communication

Build Grow and Enjoy

“The Financial Coach” – As a securities licensed Financial Coach with over 15 years of strong Banking, Insurance and Investment Advisory experience, Colethea specializes in money management, Wealth Accumulation,Tax savings strategies, and Private Equity Investment Advisory. She provides financial analyses and planning strategies regardless of income level. She works with Individuals, Families, Businesses, Organizations, and Institutions no matter what their current situation may be. She is also the radio personality and talk show host of Build, Grow, and Enjoy with WIGO 1570am “The Light”-Atlanta promoting financial literacy through education and communication.

Colethea assist her clients in saving thousands of dollars by instituting goal oriented and strategic planning techniques as an aspect of her work that she finds exceptionally gratifying. Colethea’s motto to all her clients is.. It’s not how much you make, its how much you keep. Excessive debt can be rid of no matter what a person’s financial situation may be with a strategic Financial Plan. Financial planning is not just for the wealthy it’s for EVERYONE.

Colethea works with numerous financial partners that are experts in many different areas within the financial industry bringing value to all her clients’ relationship…i.e…credit repair and debt restructuring, mortgage lending, banking, tax preparing and more… Great emphasis is focusing on the concepts of living debt free, becoming financially independent, creating wealth and leaving a family legacy within our communities.

Colethea has a passion to share her expertise by educating communities. She volunteers her time to teaching financial literacy to the numerous organizations she is dedicated too, which includes youths and seniors (Youth Leader for 212 Word of Faith-Dale Bronner, Ray and Joan Kroc Center-Salvation Army, Boys and Girls Club-South Cobb, Prez-Elect for Civitan International). She is also a member of Atlanta Urban League Young Professionals and Networking Works in Atlanta.

Colethea is very skilled and talented. She has a well rounded financial background qualifying her to share her expert abilities by educating and teaching everyone. Colethea is available for speaking engagements, mentoring and one on one coaching.