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Downsized…Now What?!

This is the post that inspired me to take the Working Divas Blog to the next level. It’s been two years since I was let go from my radio job in Miami. With time on my hands and a desire to write, I unleashed the blogger within. Needless to say…things did turn around and I have my second chance doing what I LOVE! I hope this post is a source of motivation to those that are going through job loss. Don’t let anything hold you back, Work it Diva!

Like so many Americans, I have been affected by the current state of our economy. If you or someone you know is facing this up hill battle like my family…know that this is not the end. There are more possibilities ahead of you than you know. Just think positivity and surround yourself with like-minded people.

I’m sharing my story with you because I want you to know, you are not alone. All things are done for your better good. God doesn’t want you to worry or stress. Just start preparing yourself for your next career move. Use this blog forum as a resource for positive change. Even if you have to vent a little. I know I will.:-) I look forward to your comments. So, let me share with you my story.

“Therefore…you will be left without a job”. These are the words I heard after it was explained to me my position was being phased out. Continue reading Downsized…Now What?!

Downsized…Now What?! 3

Fall Winter 2008 218


It’s been almost two weeks since I was fazed out of my job. Currently I’m regrouping…personally and professionally. It may be another week or another month or year before I get the job I really want. The one thing I have learned is never jump at the first thing. Time…is on my side.

First and foremost I’m going to have a wonderful Christmas. The holidays have always symbolized a time of joy, giving and love for me…this year’s situation isn’t going to change that… during hard times I am still thankful.

Spending time with my family is my top priority. I haven’t had the luxury of spend two weeks with my family during the holidays since I started my radio career. It’s always been about work. I’ve done all I can right now on the professional front. So as I relax in my son’s room admiring all of his little belongs…I am reminded that I am truly blessed!

Downsized…Now What?! 2

So, when you walk out the doors of your former job…what do you do? For me it’s calling on my brain trust. I drove up the street, pulled over and pulled out the cell phone. They are the six people I reach out to for professional guidance, friendship, support, love and coaching. Everyone needs a brain trust. Do you have a handful of individuals in your field and in your personal life you can count on? People that are for you through everything…the good and the bad. People that give it to you straight with no chaser? Please develop relationships with people that can assist you in your career and in life. I treasure my relationship with each of them. They are my rock in this crazy industry.

The first person of my brain trust is my husband. How was I going to let him know we had been hit not once but twice by the economy. Just a week prior he was laid off from his job after 7 years and four months. When he came home after being laid off he was totally upbeat. He came in, put the blue envelop on the chair and said, “I’ve been laid off…I’m fine…and I’m headed to the patio to have a cigar. I needed a break. It’s time to celebrate”. WHAT?! I was waiting for the blow up that never happened. Now with my fate …how would he take it the second time? “Really”…the only word that came out of his mouth. After a few seconds, which seemed like an entire commercial break he said, “Just come home and we will talk about it. Everything will be fine. It may be time to go”. Cool! He took the news well. But I’m sure my mother who was sitting next to him wasn’t so cool. Naw, I can’t go home yet. I need more time to digest the situation so I can go home and deal with a mother’s love and concern.

I sat in my car dialing away and every call went to voicemail. You gotta be kidding me. Not now! I have some serious stuff to talk about and I can’t get through to anyone. Was it my phone? “Dang, T-Mobile work with me”. Now I start talking to my phone. OK, I’m really about to lose it. With the next few calls I started getting through to everyone. As I broke them the news, I kept hearing the same thing. “Really”? “Not You”. Here’s the kicker…they all said something like… you will have a new job in know time, just be positive. Start thinking and attracting the job you want. Go back to grad school. Get ready. Everything will work out. I was already in a good place about things this just make the situation feel a whole lot better.

Then one shared this with me, the best advise of the day. I would like to share with you. When you are moved out of a situation take time to be still. Be quiet. The good Lord has something to tell you. If you keep moving and worrying about what you are going to do next you won’t hear what he has to say. “Karen, be still”. Don’t think about radio for the next three weeks. Do nothing.

Have you been moving so fast on your job or worrying about the job you lost; that you haven’t taken the time to sit still? Image being still like a flower growing quietly in a garden. I know it’s the hardest thing to do. It was hard for me too. Just sit quietly and let positive thoughts come into your mind. Don’t worry about the bills, don’t stress about the kids, don’t think about updating your resume. Just be quiet.

As I wrapped up my last conversation…we are going on two an a half hours later. I was ready to be quiet and still. Well, until I hit the door at home with my mother waiting for me like I missed curfew. No more talking about the former job, no more career strategy sessions, no more calling everyone back telling them it was true. It was time to do nothing. During my drive home I turned on XM and listened to some straight up jazz. With the movement of the rhythm I got lost in the music. OK, so I’m not totally doing nothing. I told you it was hard. But I did zone out enough to hear my inner voice say, “You are loved, get ready for the next chapter. It’s coming sooner than you think”.

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Today I’m giving myself a break. Constantly searching for a job can be taxing on your mind and body. Hearing, “Sorry, were not hiring.” or “Unfortunately, we have a hiring freeze” can throw you off into a state of depression. You may begin to think you aren’t good enough. Or maybe you should take any job and give up on what you love.  By all means, don’t give up on your passion. Stay on course and when things don’t seem to go your way, coast a little. It isn’t like you are sitting a home doing nothing. Searching for a 9-5 is tough work in this economy. So what I would like you to do is join me and take a few days to relax and regroup.

For two days I’m going to give myself to myself.  Maybe I’ll work out, visit my son at school, meet a friend for coffee or watch TV all day. Nothing work related or search related. I’m going to tend to myself. Then by day three, I’ll be ready to relaunch my search. Right now I’m coasting.

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Family getaway to Disney
Family getaway to Disney

As I watched my favorite soap today, All My Children…a commercial for the most magical place on earth appeared on my TV screen. You know where I’m talking about…yes…Disney World. Now anyone that knows me knows that I LOVE DISNEY WORLD as much as my young son. We have been calling The Animal Kingdom Lodge our family vacation home for a while. It’s the one place I can let my hair down and be a kid again. Well, until I hit the World Show Case in EPCOT;-) Then I am a grown woman fast quick and in a hurry. Wine tasting in France anyone?

As I am watching the commercial, thinking of my next family getaway, one word comes to mind…believe. I believe in the magic of Disney and I believe the perfect job is out there for me. It’s coming soon and I have to be ready for the opportunity. It’s just that simple. So pull up your bootstraps with me and let’s get ready for our next opportunity. Until then, continue to believe that all things you desire for your life are possible. Now where are my mouse ears?

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Well, the holidays are over. It’s been a nice three week break. Christmas was joyous and the New Year was definitely a celebrated new beginning! I haven’t had time off like this since I was a kid. What a blessing. With the first Monday of the New Year in full swing…it’s time to hustle.

With more lay offs projected for early 2009 I am hopeful and faith filled that I will succeed in spite of my circumstance. I’ve been receiving your emails of encouragement and motivation. They have assisted me during this time of transition. In my heart lies a burning desire to succeed. I’ll be back on the radio full-time before you know it. We have to move through life as if failure isn’t an option.

When you lose your job don’t look at yourself as if you did something wrong or you have failed. This is just another situation that will bring you closer to your purpose. Maybe you are being called to start that business you have talked about for years. Perhaps you need to spend more time with family. Take time now to determine what is important to you in your life RIGHT NOW. Write them down and soon you will realize what is in your spirit and the steps you need to take towards your happiness. Start today…Make it happen.