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MONEY MONDAYS: 10 Great Tips To Starting Your Own Business

President Obama has announced his plan to recover our nationwide jobless epidemic. This can not be done alone by just our president. It is time we create our own opportunities and take back what has been lost. Back to the Basics. In support of President Obama and his plan to create jobs. Here are some great tips with my endorsement from a very successful “Working Diva” on starting your own business!


1. Have a business plan – This is a must and will make or break you.

2. Decide what you want to do and create a 3 year projection plan.

3. Attend business training- Educate yourselves about being a business owner..lots of free training out there..some of Isabel suggestion ..SBA (Small Business   Administration), and Score.

4. Choose your business location- Location is key, know your competition and the location(s) of the consumer traffic

5. How will you fund your business? Self funding, loans, investors..etc..

6. Determine what your legal entity will be. ie..LLC, Corporation, Sole Prop, Partnership

7. Register your business name. Own your name and/or your branding.

8. Obtain your EIN (Employer Identification Number) for your business taxes. This is free and can be applied for at Irs.gov.

9. Obtain all your necessary licenses and permits

10. Know your employer responsibility and role. Staffing, business operation..etc..


Thank You Isabel Salazar owner of Isa-Beles Boutique for creating the opportunity! You are FIERCE, FOCUSED, and FABULOUS!