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Downsized…Now What?! 3

Fall Winter 2008 218


It’s been almost two weeks since I was fazed out of my job. Currently I’m regrouping…personally and professionally. It may be another week or another month or year before I get the job I really want. The one thing I have learned is never jump at the first thing. Time…is on my side.

First and foremost I’m going to have a wonderful Christmas. The holidays have always symbolized a time of joy, giving and love for me…this year’s situation isn’t going to change that… during hard times I am still thankful.

Spending time with my family is my top priority. I haven’t had the luxury of spend two weeks with my family during the holidays since I started my radio career. It’s always been about work. I’ve done all I can right now on the professional front. So as I relax in my son’s room admiring all of his little belongs…I am reminded that I am truly blessed!

Downsized…Now What?! 6

Today I’m giving myself a break. Constantly searching for a job can be taxing on your mind and body. Hearing, “Sorry, were not hiring.” or “Unfortunately, we have a hiring freeze” can throw you off into a state of depression. You may begin to think you aren’t good enough. Or maybe you should take any job and give up on what you love.  By all means, don’t give up on your passion. Stay on course and when things don’t seem to go your way, coast a little. It isn’t like you are sitting a home doing nothing. Searching for a 9-5 is tough work in this economy. So what I would like you to do is join me and take a few days to relax and regroup.

For two days I’m going to give myself to myself.  Maybe I’ll work out, visit my son at school, meet a friend for coffee or watch TV all day. Nothing work related or search related. I’m going to tend to myself. Then by day three, I’ll be ready to relaunch my search. Right now I’m coasting.

Downsized…Now What?! 4


Well, the holidays are over. It’s been a nice three week break. Christmas was joyous and the New Year was definitely a celebrated new beginning! I haven’t had time off like this since I was a kid. What a blessing. With the first Monday of the New Year in full swing…it’s time to hustle.

With more lay offs projected for early 2009 I am hopeful and faith filled that I will succeed in spite of my circumstance. I’ve been receiving your emails of encouragement and motivation. They have assisted me during this time of transition. In my heart lies a burning desire to succeed. I’ll be back on the radio full-time before you know it. We have to move through life as if failure isn’t an option.

When you lose your job don’t look at yourself as if you did something wrong or you have failed. This is just another situation that will bring you closer to your purpose. Maybe you are being called to start that business you have talked about for years. Perhaps you need to spend more time with family. Take time now to determine what is important to you in your life RIGHT NOW. Write them down and soon you will realize what is in your spirit and the steps you need to take towards your happiness. Start today…Make it happen.