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Feel Good: Need a Big Girl Time-Out?

Fall Winter 2008 056

Every morning we put on our superwoman cape and take on what ever the world throws at us…literately. But when our super powers begin to dwindle, we become overwhelmed and stressed out. Even Wonder Woman has some tough days. Now, we may not have an invisible jet and golden bracelets but we can work it out. Here are my five tips for beating stress and working towards balance.

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Feel Good: Almost Fabulous

Lisa Cummings Karen's Stylist

The things we women go through to look good. I’m sitting in my stylist’s chair getting a much needed transformation. Girl, give me the works: wash, color, cut, and locks! It’s my birthday weekend and I want to look fabulous. Plus, I want to look good for any potential job interviews next week.

What is it about coming to the salon and getting pampered? Honestly, my favorite part is getting my hair washed. All the past drama and stress streams from my hair into the wash bowl; it’s uplifting. And then the scalp massage during the conditioning treatment; it feels like new ideas and creativity are being worked and molded into my system. AHHH, a fresh start! Continue reading Feel Good: Almost Fabulous

Me Time Moments

Karen in Disney Suite 2

Need a break at work? Take five minutes and think about something that makes you happy and brings you joy. Perhaps it’s looking at the sun kiss the ocean during a sunset, the time you spend with family, memories of riding your bike as a kid, those stole moments relaxing in a bath or shower, or maybe, it’s simply that FREE latte your co-worker gave you last week.

Whatever it is…take a moment, tune out everything around you and really focus on what brings happiness to your life. During your thoughts, breathe in and out slowly through your noise, massage your temples and smile. You can do this anytime you need to refresh your mind and soul with positive energy during the workday. Take the joy of your thoughts with you through out your day.

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