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Disney’s Princess Tiana makes her Debut

Karen and Princess Tiana This is a BIG DEAL! Princess Tiana made her royal debut last Monday at Disney’s Magic Kingdom. This is huge for me because as a woman of color it is so amazing to see Disney’ first African-American princess make her entrance into the world.

Yes, I’ve admired Snow White and Cinderella growing up, but now little girls of color have a princess in their own image and I think it is a beautiful thing. So beautiful that when my husband pointed her out to me across the walkway I hurried (in awe) to stand in line to take a picture with her like I was a little princess.

For the last two years, every time I visit Disney I’ve looked for Princess Tiana’s existence. From the princess shops to the gift shop at my hotel, I’ve watched her come about slowly, anticipating the items I would pick up for…well…myself. As women, we all have a little princess that lives within us and now I have a few Princess Tiana collectibles to remind me.

Disney’s “The Princess and the Frog” hits theaters nationwide December 11th. Will you be there? I know I will!